My Mini-Impact Review

 Show started with 18 straight minutes of jabbering w MVP, Somoa Joe, Magnus, Abyss, and Eric Young. Coulda been cut to 10 and still been effective.. I really liked the what should be the blow-off match between Gunner and James Storm. Violent, and wraps it up as far as Gunner getting revenge for his Dad. But we all know wrestling, they will try to still stretch more out of it probably.. Velvet Sky looked hot as hell in that blue outfit, why she had complete different clothes on later in the show was a taping continuum error, the kind of mistake WWE doesn’t allow to happen. Tenay tried to cover for it by saying Velvet is dressed for action or something, which would make sense if it was her ring gear, but it was just a different set of clothes. That said, I am glad the Beautiful People are back together. ..Bully as a face might get old fast, as the counting of the tables with the fans is one of those cheap-pop kinda face moves.. Th Hunt for Willow segments kept my girlfriend pretty interested, and they were amusing, but the attack payoff at the end was a rather let down. They coulda still had Willow appearing in shadows and stuff scaring poor little Rockstar Spud to death, and stretched it out another week.